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What is accidental death insurance?


Many people have heard of accidental death insurance, but how much do you actually understand about it? The reality is that accidents happen and by their very nature, are unexpected and often difficult to cope with. While accidental death insurance can't prevent these events from happening, it can prove effective…

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What steps should I take before pursuing a superannuation dispute?


Your superannuation fund is not only there to finance your retirement, there are often a number of clauses in your policy that can provide you with a financial safety net should things go wrong. From critical illness cover and income protection insurance to total and permanent disability payments, your super can give…

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I was in a car accident. Can I make a TPD claim and also receive car accident compensation?


Serious car accidents often result in injuries that can prevent you from working, lower your quality of life and significantly affect your financial health. Even relatively minor problems, such as whiplash, may result in time off work, pain and discomfort. However, a particularly bad crash could lead to a partial…

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Why do I need to declare pre-existing medical conditions?


When applying for an insurance policy that is in any way linked to your health, it's essential that you are up front about any pre-existing medical conditions you might have. It doesn't matter whether you're applying for income protection insurance, critical illness cover or any other related policy. Your insurer will…

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Why should I choose Gerard Malouf & Partners to resolve my superannuation dispute?


Superannuation disputes can cover a range of claims, from total and permanent disabilities and income protection to critical illnesses and death benefits. Winning your case can be crucial, particularly if you're relying on compensation to pay for medical bills and lost wages over a substantial period of time. This is why hiring the best legal representation should…

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What are the benefits of a no-win, no-fee superannuation law firm?


There are many situations where you may be entitled to compensation or benefits due to a serious injury or illness that has prevented you from working and cost you money in medical bills. In fact, your insurance policy or superannuation fund will typically include coverage for a variety of issues,…

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Bowel cancer screening program ‘could save 90,000 lives in 40 years’


Around 90,000 Australian lives could be saved over the next 40 years if at least 60 per cent of people take part in the Commonwealth's revamped National Bowel Cancer Screening Program (NBCSP). Peer-reviewed research from Cancer Council Australia showed the figure would drop to 70,000 with a 40 per cent participation…

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What are the benefits of income protection through my super?


Income protection can be an important type of insurance coverage for people who are concerned that a serious injury or long-term sickness could have a significant impact on their financial stability. For example, if you are a small business owner or self-employed, being away from the workplace for a long…

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What compensation is available through my superannuation?


Superannuation funds are designed to provide you with a nest egg for when you retire from the workplace. However, your super fund can also give you financial protection in a broad range of circumstances aside from retirement. For example, you may be unaware that your superannuation may also cover you…

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Do I need income protection insurance?


Anyone can suffer a serious accident or an illness that may prevent them from going to work. This may not be a problem at first, but you could begin to experience financial problems the longer you are away from your job. Income protection insurance is designed to provide you with a…

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What are the criteria for making a critical illness claim?


Receiving news that a family member has been diagnosed with a critical illness is devastating, particularly if it is a terminal disease. Critical illnesses often require specialist treatment, can lead to time off work and may result in the need for significant lifestyle changes. Therefore, it's probably not surprising that…

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Am I eligible to make a TPD claim?


If you experience a serious injury or illness, it could result in a total and permanent disability (TPD) that prevents you from returning to the workplace. TPDs are often extremely debilitating, making day-to-day tasks difficult to carry out with the same efficiency and skill that you may previously have been…

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Am I eligible for partial disability benefits under an insurance policy?


A partial disability can prevent an individual from performing their job at the same level to which they were previously able. This creates significant problems when the disability is permanent. Disabilities can be psychological or physical, which means many different problems are covered, including mental health issues, illnesses such as…

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How do I know if I have an entitlement to partial disability benefits under a superannuation policy?


People who have partial or total permanent disabilities that prevent them from working are often eligible for benefits under their superannuation policy. The disability could be the result of a number of issues, including an accident, ill health or other incapacity. However, some individuals may be confused over how their…

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Am I entitled to permanent disability benefits under an insurance policy?


Total and permanent disabilities can cause various problems for employees and their families, particularly when it comes to finances. Even short periods away from the workplace can result in individuals struggling to pay bills, but the issue is exacerbated for people with a disability, as they are unlikely to ever…

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Total and Permanent Disablement – TPD – It’s more complicated than you think


At first glance, lodging a TPD claim may look like a simple process. You advise your fund of your intention to make a claim and they send you out the paperwork required. This usually consists of a Claim Form for you to complete, a Medical Statement for your treating doctor to complete…

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Life Insurance and Income Protection – What you should look out for


One of the biggest problems clients face when making a claim on their Income Protection Insurance is that they were not adequately informed on all the terms and conditions of their policy when they bought it and subsequently how these terms and conditions are being interpreted by the Insurer. For example, these…

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Death and superannuation – what to expect


When a member of a fund passes away, the benefits under the fund will be distributed according to Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act and the Deed under the applicable superannuation fund. There are generally two components to a death benefit, the accumulated funds in the account from the employer and the…

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Total and Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD Superannuation) and Loss of use Claim


TPD Superannuation means that a person is unable to work and earn as a result of injury or sickness even though they have the right education, training or experience. The insurance is therefore designed to provide lump sum benefits to the insured in case they are unable to work because…

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Income Protection Insurance Claims and Income disability insurance claims experts


Income protection insurance claims and income disability insurance claims in NSW has been designed to provide indemnity for income foregone by individuals who cannot work and earn as a result of injury or illness. The benefit constitutes up to 75% of an individual’s gross income after compensation. If you are…

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