Can I make a critical illness claim if I’ve been diagnosed with kidney failure?

Published 16 Feb 2016

The number of people experiencing kidney failure is increasing in Australia. As such, what are the benefits of a critical illness claim?

As one of the body’s most important organs, kidney health is at the cornerstone of an individual’s health. According to WebMd, kidneys process blood, removing any waste or water and sends it to the bladder as urine.

Essentially, kidneys cleanse the body of unwanted material, ensuring individuals remain healthy. As such, if kidneys fail, people often require transplants, regular blood transfusions or dialysis. These events are all life-changing and not only place stress those individuals receiving treatment but also their families.

Sadly, kidney disease/failure is a growing problem in Australia with one in ten people experiencing the impact of this illness. The disease can remain undetected for many years, which means a significant number of people are suffering without a straight diagnosis at present. According to Kidney Health Australia, one in three people are at risk of developing this illness in the future.

So, if you receive this diagnosis, are you eligible to make a critical illness claim? In short, yes.

Critical illness claims and your rights

Under certain insurance policies, you will have critical illness insurance. This means that, in the event you develop one of the listed diseases or illnesses, you are able to collect a lump sum amount to cover any expenses or loss of revenue caused by the condition.

However, in some cases, the insurer won’t pay out the desired amount. As such, this is where the team at Gerard Malouf & Partners (Superannuation Dispute) can step in. Representing your best wishes, we can build a strong case against the insurer to ensure you are paid what you deserve.

We have tremendous experience in this legal field and have battled for kidney disease patients for the past 30 years. In fact, across all critical illness cases, we have a success rate of over 98 per cent – unrivalled in our industry.

What can the compensation cover?

The amount of compensation available from a critical illness claim depends on the nature of the kidney disease and its impact on your standard of life. If you are unable to make a living anymore, this can help cover loss of wages (both past and future) and any loss/suffering. Importantly, a claim can also cover past, present and future medical expenses.

For a full list of illnesses and diseases that are covered under a critical illness claim, get in contact with our legal team today.

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