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Cringila resident approved for $154,000 TPD Benefit


Our client, Ms. S was a 53-year-old woman who sustained neck, back and shoulder injuries after being side-swiped by a motor vehicle that was exiting a car park. Prior to her injury, our client had also experienced psychological symptomology which was exacerbated following her accident. At the time of her…

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Oran Park Resident has $400,000 TPD Claim Approved in Less than 2 Months


Our client, Mr. D was a 37-year-old man who was employed as a Labourer. In June 2018, he was diagnosed with severe psychological conditions having no attributable cause. Our client was forced to cease work following a failed attempt to return to work performing light duties which resulted in an…

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Wollongong Resident receives $130,800 for TPD Benefit.


Our client was a labourer who experienced aching in his hands, feet and knees during 2010 whilst he was laying pipes during his employment. It was not until three years later that our client was formally diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndrome. His symptoms were not a classical presentation…

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Former Police Officer Wins $226K TPD Benefit


Ms H was a former Police Officer with NSW Police for over 20 years. She was forced to cease work in 2017 as a result of physical injuries sustained during the course of her employment over many years. Circumstances of the Disability Ms H first suffered an injury to her…

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Former Federal Agent wins $295k Payout for TPD Claim after Court Proceedings Commenced


Our client, Mr B of Bondi, was previously employed as a Federal Agent with the Australian Government. His usual duties included deployment overseas and high-level security. During a skills training course in 2015, an instructor fell heavily on Mr B’s wrist, causing an acute dislocation of a joint in his…

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Labourer Wins Multiple TPD Claims In Spite of Exclusion


Mr T of Taree formerly worked as an apprentice Panel Beater and subsequently as a General Labourer and Driver. His employment required that he repetitively bend, squat, push and pull machinery and equipment. In 2015, he sustained a serious injury to his lower back during his employment and was admitted…

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Machinist wins TPD claim for $379k Despite Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion


Our client, Mr D was a 50-year-old man who was last employed as a machinist. In 2001, Mr D first injured his back while working as a self-employed Painter. He was loading paint tins into his work car when he felt a sharp pain in his lower back. This was…

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Police Officer Receives Insurance Payout for $104,000


Mr W was previously employed as a Police Officer. His role involved but was not limited to general policing duties, emergency calls, first response officer, investigations, physical altercations, walking and driving. In February 2014, Mr W sustained an injury, during the course of his employment, to his lower back accompanied…

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Newtown Man Wins Insurance Claim Against Two Superannuation Funds Following Motor Vehicle Accident


Our client, Mr R of Newtown was a 41 year old man who was employed as a Linen Services Attendant. In February 2017, Mr N was the rider of a motorcycle involved in a two-vehicle head on traffic collision that caused him to separate from his motorcycle and become airborne.…

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49 Year Old Father Wins $160, 000 TPD Payment Following Workplace Bullying and Harassment


Our client, Mr N of Dean Park was employed with the Department of Education as a Learning Support Officer dealing with developmentally disabled students. Prior to commencing with the Department of Education, Mr N worked in various labouring roles and truck driving. As part of his role as a Learning…

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$200,000 Victory Against Insurer Who Rejected TPD Claim for Pre-existing Conditions


Our client suffered injuries during a Work Place Accident to her back, and this soon developed into disabilities of her arms and neck. Our client was a cleaner and her injuries meant the end of her work. She had been off work as a result and required money for treatment…

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Forestville Woman Wins TPD Claim Under ‘Home Duties’ Definition 1 Month After Claim Lodged


Ms D of Forestville was a 57-year-old woman who ceased employment in 2008 for reasons unrelated to illness. However, in late 2013 Ms D became symptomatic of Multiple Sclerosis though not formally diagnosed until late 2015. During this time, Ms D had been engaged in ‘Home Duties’ including, but not…

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Koonawarra Woman Awarded $101,000.00 for TPD Benefit


Our client, Ms N of Koonawarra was employed in the capacity of a Manager with Coles Supermarkets when she first developed symptoms of abdominal pain and nausea in 2012. She continued working in her role despite increasing pain and discomfort. By April 2014 her symptoms had become progressively worse and…

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Injured Cop successfully claims Blue Ribbon Insurance with help from GMP


Mr M was once a cop operating out of the Burwood Local Area Command in general duties as a senior constable.  He suffered an injury whilst responding to a robbery and sustained physical injury in the ensuing altercation when he was knocked down several flights of stairs.  This caused significant…

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TPD claim of $500,000 run by GMP approved in under 6 months


Mr P of Nelson Bay is our client for a TPD case. He was injured at work in 2012 in his lower back/lumbar spine. He had at that time hired another law firm to assist him. That firm ran both his Workers Compensation case and TPD claim. The TPD was…

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GMP Successfully Claims TPD Benefit of $150k For Former Telemarketer


Our client, Ms D of Aberglasslyn, was previously employed as a telemarketer where her usual duties included working with computers and engaging in telephone communication to make sales. In 2013, Ms D began suffering from micro-strokes due to Short-Distance Claudication and Occasional Rest Pain giving rise to the need for…

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Insured Benefit of $1.8 Million Paid 5 days after GMP on the Scene


Our client, Ms H of Wagga Wagga, was previously employed as a high level, white collar employee in the Banking and Finance Industry. Following incidents of workplace bullying and harassment in 2012, Ms H sustained psychological injury and subsequently ceased work. Ms H attempted to return to work with alternative…

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GMP Settles Claim for $400,000 in HIP Injury Case


Gerard Malouf & Partners successfully represented a person with hip injury in a TPD insurance case at the Supreme Court of New South Wales.  Our client was insured for total and permanent disablement (TPD) insurance in the amount of $500,000 which would respond in the event he became unable to…

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$141, 000 TPD Insurance Claim Admitted Two Weeks After Being Submitted by GMP


Our client, Mr F of Bringelly was formerly employed as a Truck Driver. In July 2016, Mr F was involved in a motor vehicle accident where he sustained serious, life threatening, physical and psychological injuries. Our firm was initially approached in relation to a Motor Vehicle Accident claim. Given the…

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Not “At Work” TPD claim settled for $100,000


Many TPD claims are declined for a very technical reason that the claimant was not “At Work”, alternatively called “Active Employment”, at the time of the disability. The insurer would then say the claimant is ineligible to claim under Unable to Work definitions and apply much harder Daily Activities definition. Most people would not satisfy these…

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Income insurance claim with exclusions settled for $80,000


Exclusions to insurance policies for pre-existing conditions are very common. However that does not mean they are uncontroversial, often insurers draft these to be vague and “open to interpretation”. Insurers hide behind these ambiguities to avoid payment. This happened to our client, Mr G of Grafton, who was insured under…

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Successful TPD claim for lapsed insurance by GMP after previous lawyers had it declined


Mr E of Liverpool was injured in a work place accident when his leg was crushed at a construction site. As a result of the injury he sustained severe disabilities and had to cease work. Mr E had a Workers Compensation claim, which was conducted by another firm - that…

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GMP Resolves in 3 Months a 20 Year Old Trust Dispute Case


Our client, Mr Smith of Potts Point, was formerly a public servant with the Treasury NSW. He became unable to work because of leg and back pain in 1997, ceasing all work since that time. As he became ill and was not injured Mr Smith did not receive workers compensation.…

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GMP Settles “In- Eligible” Insurance Case for the Full Benefit Amount


Our client, Ms J of Coolangatta, was formerly a nurse, and she ceased work due to chronic fatigue syndrome and associated conditions.  She was, through her corporate Superannuation Fund, insured for income protection insurance. She personally claimed under the policy and was declined by the insurer. The decline was on the…

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TPD Not “At Work” Declined Claim Resolved by GMP


Our client was Ms K from Dubbo.  She was formerly a prison officer working for the NSW Department of Corrections.  Our client had suffered a work injury in early 2000 and as a result had physical restrictions and psychological injury. As a result, our client became unable to work, and…

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TPD Dispute Over Back Injury Sellted for $100,000


Our client, Ms N was a former nurse at Wollongong.  She had suffered an injury to her back while working, which caused her extreme ongoing pain and made her unable to return to work.  She initially approached our firm for workers compensation. She had Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) insurance of $125,000.00…

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Insurance Company Settles Income Protection Claim for Bank Manager Dismissed from Work Due to Disciplinary Action


Our client, Mr J is a resident of Beverly Hills and was a former bank manager.  He was dismissed from work subsequent to allegations of misusing funds, although these allegations were never substantiated, and he was not convicted. Our client was insured under income protection policy with the bank’s super fund.  He…

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Super Fund Insurer Agrees to Settle Assumed Risk Case with GMP


We act on behalf of Ms B from Taree in relation to a claim for Total and Permanent Disablement (“TPD”) insurance held inside her super fund. Our client had become injured during a motor vehicle accident around 2009 causing injury to her lower back.  Our client had initially hired our…

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GMP Resolves Clients Back Injury TPD Claim for $60,000


Mr H of Bidwell is our client who was in a motor vehicle accident, sustaining injury to his lower back.  He additionally developed psychological illness including depression and adjustment disorder. Our client, subsequently ceased all work due to the injury. Prior to his injury our client worked as a nurse…

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Insurance Company Pays $150,000 Settlement in Janitors TPD Case


Gerard Malouf & Malouf & Partners acted for Mr M of Parramatta who was a Janitor at Parramatta Council Library. In 2011 our client slipped and fell at work suffering an injury to his upper back.  This injury caused our client significant restrictions to his shoulders and he was unable…

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Lawyer Resolves Insurance Contract Exclusion Case for $200,000


Our client, Mr O, is a resident of Tweed Heads.  He had suffered an injury to his dominant right shoulder, which caused him the inability to work.  He attempted to claim upon his income protection policy which had a payment period of up to 5 years replacing his salary of…

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TPD Insurance Claim Admitted One Month After Being Submitted by Lawyer


Mr L is a resident of Revesby who worked as a truck driver until 2011, when he suffered a severe episode of epilepsy.  After which he did not return to work due to risks of further episodes. Mr L’s claim had several significant issues.  Firstly, his condition had afflicted him…

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Insurer pays out $200,000 TPD policy after 9 days’ assessment


Our client was a 50 year old woman employed as a Kitchen Hand and Shelf Stacker in a large supermarket. While cleaning at home, our client stood on a chair which gave out from underneath her. This caused her to fall backwards and land on the floor, resulting in injuries…

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Insurer backs down and approves TPD benefit after commencing litigation in the Supreme Court


Our client was a 50 year old woman employed as a Kitchen Hand and Shelf Stacker in a supermarket. While cleaning at home our client stood on a chair which gave out from underneath her. Our client fell backwards and sustained an injury to her back and right shoulder. After…

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Neck injury client settled TPD claim for 75% of the insurance policy value


Our client is a resident of Castle Hill who was formally a business development manager working in a high stress office environment until a motor vehicle accident caused her significant injuries to the head and neck. She was hospitalised and had surgery.  As a result she had permanent symptoms of…

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Labourer receives settlement after long fight with insurer over TPD claim


Our client was a 30 year old labourer who suffered injury to his great toe and shoulders when some timber he was carrying broke off and landed on his foot. Our client attempted to return to worker on lighter duties but this was not successful. His shoulder pain continued to…

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Former maintenance fitter receives $425,000 settlement on TPD insurance claim


Our client was a 51 year old former maintenance fitter who suffered an injury to his foot during a workplace accident. He continued to work for several years while suffering pain from his foot injury, however over time the condition worsened and he began limping. Due to the deterioration of…

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Western Sydney dental nurse receives $170,000 in settlement over TPD insurance claim


Our client was a 44 year old mother who was previously employed as a Dental Nurse. She suffered an injury at work while assisting in a prolonged dental procedure. During the procedure our client felt a sudden painful sensation in her neck which resulted in immediate numbness down her right…

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$150,000 TPD Claim For Construction Worker With Hand Injury From Car Accident


Mr J is a resident of Richmond New South Wales who suffered a motor vehicle accident and severely injured his left non-dominant hand.  The injury caused him loss of any grip in his left hand and most of its motor functions.  In addition he was required to take long-term medication…

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TPD Claim of $300,000 for Construction Worker with Back Injuries


Our client Mr L was a former construction worker who as a result of a work injury on a construction site suffered injuries to the back and had bulging discs in his spine. At the time he was aged 38 and a result of the injuries he was unable to…

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TPD insurer reverses declinature and awards $400,000 for brain symptomology caused by past substance use


Our client is Mr G of Hornsby and worked as a truck driver.  He developed significant brain symptomology caused by past substance use.  He had ceased the use of substances for many years up to the onset of his condition which subsequently rendered him incapable of working.  In addition to…

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Settlement in TPD claim for client with arthritis


Our client is Mr Z of Bathurst who decided to conduct a total and permanent disablement (TPD) claim on the basis that he is no longer able to work as a result of arthritis.  At the onset of his condition he was working and aged in his fifties, and subsequently stopped work…

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GMP negotiates $40,000 settlement after insurer rejects Total and Permanent Disablement claim


Our client was a 55 year old mother who returned to the workforce in 2002 as a process worker after 11 years raising her young children. She was able to perform her job successfully without any issues for around 5 years. However in 2007 she began to develop pain in…

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Back Injury victim secures $100,000.00 settlement in TPD claim


Our client is a resident of the Blue Mountains who worked as an Office Administrator for a NSW Government Department. She is aged in her mid-30s and injured while at work when she fell down a flight of stairs. Initially, our client had retained Gerard Malouf & Partners for conduct…

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Neck Injury claim for TPD settled out of court by GMP for $100,000


Our client is a resident of Blacktown who worked as a labourer in construction for many years. He was injured at work when plies of wood fell from a truck and landed on his back. This caused him significant injury to his neck and arms, and he had significant loss…

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Half a million dollars compensation in income loss policy


Our client is a former Psychologist from Newcastle, running his own practice. As he was running his own business he had taken a standalone insurance policy for Income Protection under the advice of his financial advisor. This was to ensure his financial security should he become unable to work. Our…

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PTSD victim secures $250,000.00 in settlement from major insurer for TPD


Our client is a resident of Strathfield who worked as a bouncer at a major Sydney club.  He he was self-employed and running his own business, being contracted as a bouncer. As he was running his own business he had taken a standalone insurance policy for total and permanent disablement…

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Successful TPD claim conducted by GMP for Queensland Worker


Our client is a resident of Queensland and was employed as a labourer and he has mainly worked in labour work for the most of his life. Our client was born with poor eyesight but this was mainly manageable until around 2011 when he suddenly began suffering from a deterioration…

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TPD Insurer admits claim after GMP commences court proceedings


Our client is a former rigger dogman residing around Kiama.  He has worked as a labourer for the majority of his career. On or around early 2010, he suffered an injury at work after being hit by construction material at the back.  This caused significant injury including disc bulge and…

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GMP secures Quarter Million Dollars TPD Insurance payout for Port Macquarie Process Worker


Our client is Mr C of Port Macquarie was a process worker who was injured while at work. A piece of heavy machinery fell onto Mr C from a great height and crushing his right hand. This severe injury caused him to be hospitalised. His right hand was his dominant…

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