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$248,000 TPD Claim for Injured Cleaner in Bankstown


Mr L of Bankstown was a cleaner who was injured in a motor vehicle accident. As a result of said accident he suffer extensive injuries to his back and neck and he developed Adjustment Disorder and Major Depression. As a result of his injuries Mr L was significantly inhibited in…

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Partner of Deceassed Fights for Superannuation Death Benefits with Estranged Son in Parklea


MT was the widow of her late partner RM who died without a will. He had named MT in his superannuation to be his beneficiary. They lived in the area of Parklea in New South Wales in very modest conditions. From a earlier relationship, RM had a child who suffered from…

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$100,000 TPD Settlement for Injured Shopping Centre Cleaner


Mr S resided at Northmead was a cleaner for a Major Shopping Centre, responsible for cleaning during both day and night shifts. He suffered a major injury while at work when the escalators malfunctioned causing him to fall 2 – 3 metres. He was aged around 30 the time of…

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Kristoffersen ats Superannuation Complaints Tribunal [2014]


Insurers for superannuation funds often reject claims with a letter recommending a person to refer the matter to superannuation complaints tribunal (SCT). The SCT is a given powers to decide superannuation disputes, however an individual also has an inalienable right to pursue remedies at the Supreme Court. While it may appear choice…

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GMP client, Mr M wins $250,000.00 for Disability Insurance


Mr M was formerly a Supermarket attendant and had a history of manual work in his forties. He has had a long term condition of his elbow following a boating accident. This condition was minor and he was able to work asymptomatic for many years. During 2012 our client underwent…

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GMP Superannuation Solicitors settles TPD insurance Claim in 3 months for $150,000


Our client Mrs L of Wagga Wagga who was formerly a Finance Administration Officer suffered a work place injury including extreme physical injuries to her back and neck. These conditions caused her significant weight gain and organ damage. After significant bullying at her work place our client finally stopped work…

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TPD Settlement of $100,000.00 in spite of surveillance evidence


Our client is a resident of Blacktown and was employed by a major Sydney hotel.  She was injured in 2010 by travelling to work in a significant motor vehicle accident which caused injuries to her back, neck and also resulting in psychological damage, including PTSD.  Our client as a result…

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Superannuation Complaints Tribunal matter resolved within 4 months


Our client was Mr J of Bankstown, who was a retail professional for almost twenty years and ceased employment after a injury to his back obtained at work. Our client had with the help of another law firm pursued a worker compensation vase and afterwards under their advice decided to…

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Police PTSD disability insurance claim of over $600,000


The client in this case is a former police officer, Ms P of Campbelltown.  She developed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of her job with the police which included personally witnessing a fatality. She was formally discharged after being determined by the police panel to be unfit for…

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Former Central Coast Police officer Claims on TPD Disability Insurance


Our client Mr N of the Central Coast is a former police officer for over twenty years. He was discharged from the police after developing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) following a fatal shooting incident. Mr N was determined by the police panel to be unfit for his job as a…

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$300,000.00 TPD Claim for building contractor with back injury & depression


Our client Mr H of Maroubra is a former building contractor for over ten years and had to cease work after he fell from a ladder. He developed a severe back injury along with depression and decided to make a TPD claim. He had taken out his insurance some years before…

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Disability Insurance Claim successfully resolved in 3 months for process worker


Our client Mrs R of Blacktown is a former process worker for over twenty years and was unable to work after suffering a knee injury. Our client was in receipt of the Disability Support Pension (DSP) and afterwards decided to claim on her TPD insurance as paid for by her superannuation savings.…

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Psychologist Receives Compensation for Unreasonable Cessation of Income Protection Benefits


This is a matter which involved a person from Central Coast New South Wales who was an integral part of a family business. Owing to success of the business, she was on an exceptionally high wage. In accordance with the financial adviser’s advice, she took out income protection insurance which was not…

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Lawyer Wins $150,000 TPD insurance Payment in 2 Months After Client Delayed 2 Years


This hard working labourer suffered a work place injury that injured his neck which soon developed into disabilities of his arms and back also, along with mental health problems. Our client had a history of labour intensive work which he could not continue to do and thus required money for…

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Client Rejected by Insurer Wins $300,000 TPD Claim With Superannuation Lawyers


Our client was insured for Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) in the amount of $300,000.00, but had been rejected by the insurer. Our client had fallenl and significantly injured his back at his home, but despite clear evidence that he had a severe back injury and was unable to perform…

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Unable to Work Due to Illness Client Receives $250,000 TPD Insurance Payment


Our client was diagnosed with a severe physical illness in 2009, and subsequently developed a series of disabilities and mental health problems. Our client had attempted to continue work but the condition progressively deteriorated and they had to cease all work in 2013. As our client became unable to work…

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Involved in a car accident? You could also have TPD rights


Darren was a truck driver who was involved in a car accident when another truck collided with the truck he was driving. As a result of the accident, Darren sustained head and left arm injuries and was hospitalized for 10 days as a result. In addition to his Motor Vehicle…

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The proper understanding of “chosen profession” in income protection


This is an income protection claim where the plaintiff was a naturopath. She operated a business out of her home. In 2009, she had a new gates placed in her garage. The gates failed for and fell upon her head. As a consequence she suffered injury to her cervical spine consistent with…

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Disabled client claims disability as she can no longer work


Mrs B was working for a disability employment provider that was arranged through Centrelink. She commenced working in 2000 and was unfortunately terminated in 2001. She has not worked in any capacity since this date. Our client was born with a congenital condition that severely affected her limbs and she…

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Labourer who injured back in his own business receives $800,000 in Total and Permanent Disability Benefits


Mr MLC had been a labourer most of his adult life. He had only received an education to year 10 level before he commenced an apprenticeship as a bricklayer and concreter. By the time he was aged 35 he was already experiencing difficulties in relation to his lower back. Although…

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Denial of income protection claim by insurer results in great result for client


Mrs B had been employed as a full time nanny for many years when she unfortunately injured herself in the course of her employment. She had previously purchased a private income protection insurance within her superannuation account and felt secure in the knowledge if something ever happened to her she would be…

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TPD and real capacity to obtain alternative employment


Our client, Mrs C had been employed as a process worker and machine operator for many years. In addition, she was also employed as a book keeper and kitchen hand concurrently. The duties of her process worker role required her to constantly and continually lift moderate to heavy items throughout…

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Another Successful Superannuation Result Focusing On The Real Issues To Win The Case


Our client, Mr P was working as a labourer when he suffered an injury to his back. He had previously been employed on construction sites and undertaking painting duties when unfortunately he suffered a fall at work injuring his back. Mr P had only ever worked in the unskilled labour…

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