Compensation claims for industrial deafness come with a time limit

Published 30 Aug 2016

A worker who is employed in an industry in which they are frequently subjected to loud noises on a regular basis suffer from industrial deafness. Any issue that causes you to miss significant time from work may mean you are entitled to receive compensation.

Industrial deafness is something that onsets in a gradual manner. Because of this, many people who are affected by it aren’t aware of the issue until long after the finished working in the environment. People who have suffered with the issue may be entitled to the provision of hearing aids and compensation. One issue that does arise, however, is that their claim is more often than not brought long after their period of employment has ended.

When can I make a claim?

In section 261 of the Workplace Injury Management & Workers Compensation Act 1998 it is stated that a claim for compensation has to be made within six months of when the injury occurred. However, as hearing loss is more drawn out and cumulative than other illnesses, it is somewhat complicated, awkward even.

According to section 17 of the Workers Compensation Act 1987, a worker’s hearing loss is deemed to have happened on the last date they worked in a noisy environment. The important thing to remember is that any worker affected must be aware of how they suffered it. Any loss of hearing they may have suffered was directly associated with working in such an environment that would impact on someone’s hearing.

I’ve suffered an injury in work

If you have suffered an injury at work and feel that you’re entitled to compensation it’s important you speak with experienced lawyers to help get the best for you. Often, insurance companies will stall or even flat out deny a claim even if it is within the policy coverage. At Gerard Malouf and Partners, we have enough experience to know how these companies work against claimants.

Insurance and superannuation claims can very complex areas. In order to get the possible outcome, it’s imperative that you consult insurance claims lawyers who are experts. We offer our specialist services in all facets of insurance claims to work with our clients to get the best possible outcome, the result they deserve.

For more information about a compensation claim you may have and how best to make a claim, speak to the team at Gerard Malouf and Partners today.

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