Income Protection Insurance Claim

Gerard Malouf & Partners are Income Protection Insurance claim lawyers who are Accredited Personal Injury Specialists with more than 30 years’ experience in insurance law.

What is Income Protection Insurance?

Income protection insurance and income disability insurance is a cover that you take to secure your income in case you can’t work as a result of injury or sickness. Even though the terms and conditions of various policies could be different, the claim process is quite procedural. Gerard Malouf & Partners has a dedicated customer service desk ready to answer all your queries and arrange for you an appointment for you at an office that suits your convenience.

Most clients suffer when a loss occurs because they don’t know their insurance rights. However, the terms and conditions of the policy are usually set out in the product disclosure statements and policy documents available on the insurer’s website. These documents can be as long as 30 pages or more and include everything that the insurer does not cover including deliberate acts, specific preexisting health problems, suicide within the first 13 months of the insurance policy and many more.

In case you have any preexisting health problems, it is very essential that you inform the insurance company. Of course, the aim of the insurance adjuster is to pay the lowest possible claim, but we shall help you out here. Our insurance lawyers and claims lawyer offers you a free consultation for the first time so that you can make an informed decision. This also helps us to determine whether there are chances of winning the case. In case the chances are too slim, then we shall drop the case and advise you so immediately.

Insurance companies have many policies and procedures to follow, especially with regard to claims and other complaints. If the insurer beats around the bush or rejects the claim within the policy coverage, then we can help you battle them out in a court of law.

An income protection insurance claim provides a funds stream if you are unable to work in the case of an injury or some illness. Under income disability insurance .claim benefits are usually received on a monthly basis, and most of them are restricted to about 75% of your gross salary. Sometimes, an overall maximum may apply; up to $250,000 in most cases. However, a lump sum payment is not applicable.

The policy that you apply for determines the actual period over which a benefit is paid. To that respect, in some policies you could be paid after a specified period of time; approximately 5 years; while in some others you must attain a specified age of approximately 70. Income protection insurance provides a legal entitlement to receive payment for some temporary illnesses such as the back injury and even permanent illnesses such as loss of a limb.

In line with Gerard Malouf & Partners Superannuation Lawyers mission of promoting the public good through concentrated efforts to secure a safe workplace as well as quality healthcare, the solicitors also have a personal motto of ensuring that justice for all prevails through compensation of income protection insurance claims and income disability insurance claims.

Making an Income Protection Insurance Claim

In case you are unable to perform your usual job or other suitable forms of work then you could be covered depending on the particular wording in the policy. It is also possible to make a partial or temporary Insurance Disability Insurance Claim, receive compensation and still carry on with your usual work duties. It is necessary to serve a particular waiting period before making this claim depending on the terms and conditions of the policy.

Choose our Superannuation Lawyers to handle your income protection insurance claim on a No Win No Fee basis by phoning 1800 004 878 and if you are not genuinely happy with the fee once you receive the final settlement, talk to Gerard Malouf personally and he guarantee’s to resolve the matter for you.

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