What is the link between stress and critical illness claims?

Published 03 Dec 2015

Not every critical illness is the result of a single incident. In fact, many serious diseases or other conditions that render you unable to work could start off as something seemingly innocuous.

In the event that you are rendered incapable of working yet aren’t awarded your entitled payment, a critical illness claim could be the difference between being able to support yourself and a family and falling into further sickness.

It can all start with stress

Stress is an extremely common affliction for people around Australia, with the Australian Psychological Society (APS) discovering that it can have a range of negative side effects. Although it is often serious enough to warrant people taking leave in extreme cases, it can also be a precursor to other illnesses.

According to the APS, stressed individuals are noticeable more likely to engage in dangerous activities, whether in the workplace or at home.

The APS identified the groups most at risk of feeling stressed, an important fact to consider as the organisation stated the affliction can lead to depression or anxiety.

The research revealed that Australians between the ages of 18 and 25 have a much lower level of well-being than their older counterparts. In many cases, these issues stem from financial concerns, so people who are unable to receive their full insurance payment while taking time off work may get worse before they get better.

The APS also revealed that more than one-quarter (26 per cent) of all Australians have experienced severe depression, which could contribute to workplace accidents or result in people taking long periods of time off work.

Which professions are most at risk?

Roy Morgan Research investigated the various jobs around Australia determined the riskiest by employees. Those working in these industries need to consider the impact critical illness or total permanent disability could have on their livelihood.

The organisation discovered that sales support jobs are the most stressful in Australia, with almost half (48.3 per cent) of people in this industry encountering the illness. While it’s a different type of danger to that experienced by construction or mining workers, it’s important to remember that mental illnesses can have just as significant an effect on a person’s well-being.

Furthermore, stress can manifest in physical illnesses too, such as heart attacks.

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