What types of paralysis are covered by critical illness claims?

Published 02 Feb 2016

Of all the diseases and afflictions that render Australians unable to do their job, paralysis can be one of the most difficult to deal with.

Not only will limb paralysis often force people to leave their job, it also greatly impacts their ability to live a comfortable life. Most Australians who suffer paralysis of this nature will not be able to drive a vehicle without excessive modification, and simple daily tasks can become almost impossible.

Before you contact an experienced team of lawyers about a critical illness case, it’s important to be aware of which illnesses are covered by these claims. Here’s what you need to keep in mind.

What is not covered by critical illness claims?

There are a range of different diseases and incidents that can result in total or partial paralysis, but not all of them are covered by critical illness claims.

While one of the most common accidents that causes paralysis involve people falling off things or being involved in impacts such as car crashes, not every example is covered in the same manner.

For example, extreme sports injuries aren’t covered by critical illness claims, despite the fact that activities such as skydiving or freestyle motocross riding accidents can easily result in broken necks or similar impacts which result in paralysis.

On top of this, if an injury which has led to limb paralysis is determined to be self-inflicted, it won’t be covered by a superannuation dispute.

What can cause paralysis?

While many people around Australia realise that back and neck injuries caused by accidents are a leading cause of limb paralysis, there are a range of diseases and other occurrences which can paralyse limbs and result in critical illness claims.

Paralysis is caused by damage to nerves within the bodies, so any illness that affects the functionality of the nervous system, either as a whole in specific area, can lead people to submit critical illness claims.

There’s a range of diseases that cause people to lose function in their limbs, including those such as sclerosis, palsies and autoimmune disorders.

It’s also possible for people in NSW to develop the diseases that result in paralysis through tick or spider bites, so it’s important to be careful around wildlife.

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