Why has my superannuation claim been rejected?

Published 18 May 2016

Superannuation policies often include various entitlements that ensure members or their families receive payouts in the event of serious injuries, illnesses or deaths.

This money can prove crucial if you have to take extended leave from the workplace due to poor health and can also cover your medical expenses and treatment costs.

Sadly, insurance firms often reject superannuation claims made against people’s superannuation policies because payments can prove costly, particularly for total and permanent disabilities (TPDs) where the individual may never work again.

But what reasons are typically given for rejecting a claim? And what options do you have if you feel your case is genuinely deserving of benefits? Here is a list of some of the common reasons why an insurer or superannuation fund may turn down your claim.

1. You missed the claims deadline

Insurers and funds usually have time limits within which you must make a claim. If you fail to meet this deadline, your case is likely to be rejected. However, the courts may decide to give you an extension if there is an appropriate reason, so check with superannuation disputes lawyers.

2. Your condition doesn’t meet the requirements

The requirements for critical illnesses, TPDs and other benefits will vary from insurer to insurer. Therefore, it’s worth checking whether your specific condition is covered under your policy. Nevertheless, firms may reject your claim even when you feel you meet their criteria, which is why pursuing superannuation claims through the courts may be worthwhile.

3. The insurer believes you are exaggerating

Unfortunately, insurers may go to great lengths to suggest you are exaggerating your illness or injury. Some claimants are even secretly recorded in an attempt to counter their claims. People who suffer psychological disabilities, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, may find this particularly challenging, as their symptoms can be intermittent and difficult to prove.

4. You lack the appropriate paperwork

At the very least, you’ll often need reports from medical practitioners to confirm your illness or injury and the prognosis. You may also require further proof or supplementary evidence to expedite your claim. If you’re having trouble doing this, superannuation dispute lawyers can help gather information on your behalf.

Contact a lawyer

Serious injuries and illnesses can have a dramatic impact on your life, but make sure you receive any compensation to which you are entitled by contacting an experienced law firm that can analyse your case and advise you on the best way forward.

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